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ThThe inbetween
Division structure was done in early June. Link on the left. Every team participating in the competition at the end of last season re-entered plus we have two additional ladies teams and Glos Stars have reinstated their mens team they withdrew at the beginning of last season.

I've completed the timetable. Link on the left. Been through it with a rough tooth comb and can't spot any errors. Easter 2016 is the last weekend in March so falls a little awkwardly towards the end of the season but not quite at the end.

There is the usual situation where some players will inevitably be playing mixed and mens/ladies on adjacent evenings in the larger clubs but that can't be helped.

And Thursdays; a popular match night for a number of larger clubs. Where those clubs have teams in the same division, there is quite a lot of playing away on home match nights.

Would you please go through your own match timetable and satisfy yourself it looks correct and doable. There is time to make changes but it may not be possible. Remember your own timetable fits around the timetable of your opposition so please try to go with it.

One essential element of the checking is to look at the match timetable of a club who is playing away at your venue. You don't need to check their away match date corresponds with your own home match date, but you do need to check the start time and venue for their away game to you is correct as you don't see this detail for your home games when looking at your own match timetable.

More info will be posted over to the left as I get around to it.



Severnside - from Monday 20 April @7:30. £5 pay and play (£3 juniors)
Chosen Hill School  Churchdown
Cleeve - Mondays from now.
See Cleeve web site link over on the left
Cirencester - Wednesdays from 6th May. 8-10pm. Pay & Play at Cotswold Leisure Centre. See Cirencester web site link over on the left Roxburgh - Mondays 8-10pm until the end of August. £5/night Pay & Play. Stratford Park Leisure Centre, Stroud. GL5 4AF
Gloucester - Mondays from 11 May.
7 - 9:30pm Pay & Play @ Beaufort Co-operative Academy, Holmleigh Park, Gloucester GL4 0RT

I'll be moving on to the preparation and printing of the handbook in August.

Please let me know soonner rather than later if you're aware of any change to the info you supplied on your club registration form so the handbook is as accurate as poss.

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