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A reminder to keep your eye on the website and in particular the results tables to ensure the results of your matches are posted and accurate.


Match results should be submitted promptly and in a timely manner. The rules state within five days of the match date. Two weeks, three weeks after the match IS NOT PROMPTLY or in a timely manner and regrettably the results tables already show applied penalties for late submission. No submission sometimes!




A quick second reminder, please ONLY SUBMIT MATCH RESULTS using the "submit a match result" link on the left. Not rearrangements please. Send those and any other mail to the usual address at the bottom of this page.


If you concede a match, then please still use the "submit a match result" link on the left and write in the NOTES box the details. This helps me keep the various different stuff in the right place.



Matches this coming week

The Match Timetable link in the left hand pane has more details


Mon 26-Jan-15 Cleeve Mixed 2 H to Severnside Mixed 1
Mon 26-Jan-15 Severnside Mixed 2 H to Cleeve Mixed 1
Mon 26-Jan-15 Roxburgh Mens 1 H to Severnside Mens 4
Mon 26-Jan-15 Kingswood Mens 2 H to Kingpins Mens 2
Tue 27-Jan-15 Brockworth Nomads Mixed 1 H to Hatherley Mixed 2
Wed 28-Jan-15 St Whites Mixed H to Cirencester Mixed 1
Wed 28-Jan-15 Gloucester Mixed 2 H to Hatherley Mixed 2
Wed 28-Jan-15 Pittville Mixed 2 H to Berkeley Mixed
Thu 29-Jan-15 Severnside Mixed 3 H to Hatherley Mixed 1
Thu 29-Jan-15 Gloucester Mens 1 H to Cleeve Mens 2
Thu 29-Jan-15 Cirencester Mens 2 H to Brockworth Nomads Mens
Thu 29-Jan-15 Hatherley Mens 3 H to Roxburgh Mens 2
Thu 29-Jan-15 Cirencester Ladies 2 H to Falcons Ladies
Fri 30-Jan-15 Millbrook Mens 2 H to Severnside Mens 3
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