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Cirencester start time is 7:00. Not 7:15 as stated in the handbook

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What's Happened?

Tetbury have withdrawn their ladies team from div 3.

have withdrawn their mens 2 from div 7.

Stonehouse have entered a mens team in div 7 and will take up the former Longlevens fixtures where possible or agree new ones.

now playing their matches at Beaufort Sports Centre on Fridays.

Millbrook have reinstated their ladies team in div 4 which they withdrew in August.

Falcons have entered a young ladies team into div 4 taking the compliment up to six teams.

Malvern Hills have entered a mens team in div 4 replacing the withdrawn Glos Stars 2 team.

Apologies to club secs who are having to find dates for the additional teams entered after the pre-season meeting ie Millbrook ladies, Falcons ladies, Malvern Hills mens and Stonehouse mens. The match timetable is already bright and colourful with addtional match dates and rerrangements and the season's barely begun!

I update the website each Sunday with results, new and rearranged match dates notified to me from the preceeding week.

I strongly advise you to keep your eye on the match timetable (link on the left) as it changes each week. I could make a typo or put something in the wrong place, so please double check your fixture list looks as you think it should be.



Matches this coming week

The Match Timetable link in the left hand pane has more details

Mon 27-Oct-14 Cleeve Mixed 3 H to Pittville Mixed 1
Mon 27-Oct-14 Severnside Mens 1 H to Millbrook Mens 1
Mon 27-Oct-14 Churchdown Mens H to Falcons Mens
Tue 28-Oct-14 Allseasons Mixed 1 H to Brockworth Nomads Mixed 1
Tue 28-Oct-14 Kingpins Mens 2 H to Kingswood Mens 2
Wed 29-Oct-14 Gloucester Mixed 2 H to Kingpins Mixed
Wed 29-Oct-14 St Whites Ladies H to Cleeve Ladies 1
Wed 29-Oct-14 Pittville Ladies H to Stroud Ladies 1
Thu 30-Oct-14 Severnside Mixed 1 H to Cleeve Mixed 2
Thu 30-Oct-14 Hatherley Mixed 1 H to Severnside Mixed 3
Thu 30-Oct-14 Gloucester Ladies 1 H to Longlevens Ladies
Thu 30-Oct-14 Tetbury Mens H to Hatherley Mens 2
Thu 30-Oct-14 Malvern Hills Mens H to Kingswood Mens 1
Fri 31-Oct-14 Millbrook Mixed 2 H to Cirencester Mixed 2


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