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A few notes and reminders

I can only receive match results submitted using the link on the left. Please don't mail me images of the score card; it's creates more work for me.


Use the mail address at the bottom of this page for rearragements and all other mail.


No need to mail me asking if I've received your match result. I update everything each Sunday. If your result is not on the tables, you can take it for granted I haven't received it.


If a match is conceded, the HOME team should submit a score card in the usual way saying so. There is no need to put any players names on it. Please exercise the courtesy of agreeing between yourselves that the match is indeed conceded.


You can now view all submitted scorecards. Wind back up the match timetable to any match already played and click on the blue and white ID cell. If you receive any security warnings before it opens, you can safely ignore them.


If you don't submit your score card promptly, you will likely be penalised. You may subsequently appeal to my better nature but bear in mind I'm getting older. That means grumpy, difficult, cantankerous.  Nevertheless, I can be quite agreeable, cooperative and understanding at times but you take your chances on how you find me.


Scorecards awaitng this last week
Tue 9 Jan Brockworth Nomads Mens 1 H to  Pittville Mens 2
Wed 10-Jan Pittville Mens 3 H to  Hatherley Mens 2
Wed 10-Jan Pittville Ladies 2 H to  Aspire Ladies
Thu 11-Jan Cirencester Mens 1 H to  Severnside Mens 4
Fri 12-Jan Cleeve Mens 1 H to  Glos Stars Mens

YONEX 2018

All England Open

Badminton Championships

Birmingham welcomes the World's Best

14- 18 March 2018
Barclaycard Arena

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