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2014/2015 SEASON
The match timetable for the 2014/15 season is available. See link on the left. Now on the 4th and final edition. Too late to make any further changes.

Unfortunately, Glos*Stars have already withdrawn their entry. Millbrook ladies and mens 3 as well due to having to change venues. The result is mens divisions 1, 4 and 6 and ladies div 4 now have only four teams. Restructuring the mens league was considered but there isn't an easy solution at this late stage given the final positions of last season and the respective standard of play likely to be required.

Please look over your timetable and make sure it looks OK. One essential is to check that your venue and start time is correct. You don't see this when you look at your own timetable so look at the match timetable of one your opponents and check their corresponding away match to you has the right venue and start time. You only need check one; if one's right, the others will be.

There is the usual few "no alternative" occurences where individual ladies or mens players in the larger clubs will be playing levels and mixed mactches on consecutive days. I avoid it wherever possible but fitting your match timetable around the other teams in your divisions can be difficult, especially if your match night is Monday or Thursday; the two most popular nights.

Let me know if you you spot a mistake or a problem of some sort.

The pre-season meeting is Thursday 11 September. Formal invites have gone out to clubs' first contacts.

Any questions meanwhile, please get in touch.


CLEEVE - Mondays 7.30 – 9.30pm. New players welcome. See club website link on left.

CIRENCESTER - Wednesdays 8-10pm. New players welcome. See club link on left.
PITTVILLE  - Wednesdays 8-10pm. See club website link on left.
SEVERNSIDE - Mondays 7:30 -10pm at Chosen Hill Sports Hall  Brookfield Road  Churchdown
HATHERLEY - Thursdays 8 - 10pm. Change of venue, See club website link on left.
ROXBURGH - Mondays 8 - 10pm. Stratford Park Leisure Centre  Stroud. £4/night

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