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TETBURY have withdrawn    from mens div6


HATHERLEY -  mixed start at 7pm. Levels at 8pm. Handbook is wrong, Fixture list is right.


HATHERLEY -  Both contacts have changed. Please make a note in your handbooks



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2015/16 Season

Season is under way. A few reminders:
1. Submit your match result promptly please using the link on the left. Please don't send emailed attachments of the score sheet to the address below or use "scan to email" from your works printer. It may be handy for you but I have to perform additional tasks to deal with it.
2. If you rearrange a fixture, BOTH teams must let me know within 5 days of the original date.
3. If a fixture is conceded, the home team should use the link on the left to submit the result, commenting that the fixture was conceded. Note, I won't enter it on the tables unless confirmed by the opposition.

I update the results tables each weekend with results received during that week. If your result is not on the tables, I haven't received it.

If I still haven't received it by the following weekend, a penalty will be showing against the home team on the tables. That's an indication you will be properly penalised if I don't receive it pronto!

Score cards overdue:


Score Cards WAY overdue:
Mon 21-Sep Cleeve Mixed 1 H to Cleeve Mixed 2

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