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Half way through


Half way through the season and here we are. Matches have finished for this year. The next matches are w/c Mon 5 Jan so the next update to the website and tables will be Sunday 11 Jan 2015.


It's been a wee bit more chaotic than usual for me with 4 new team entries post pre-season meeting and more than the usual number of match rearrangements too. Regrettably, two teams have penalties on the tables for late submission of score cards. I did remind them both but they still weren't submitted so what's one to do?


As it's the season of goodwill, the following home teams will also be penalised if these cards aren't submitted by the next update time.


Wed 10-Dec Falcons Ladies H to Cleeve Ladies 3
Thu 11-Dec Hatherley Mens 1 H to Cleeve Mens 2
Thu 16-Dec Cirencester Mixed 2 H to Pittville Mixed 1

Until next time then, I wish you well and bonjour to you all.

I'm Going


This is my last season as Match & Fixture Sec as I am bowing out next September after 25 years. I’d say I want to spend more time with my family but I haven’t got one.


So, the League are looking for one or more people to take up the job; one or more because the numerous and varied activities could be divided up ie. producing documents, compiling a match timetable, managing the results, maintaining the website as a functional aide and looking half decent. There is no requirement to look like me or behave in a David Powell manner.


Clearly, there is a commitment in personal time in all this. I don’t have a monopoly of wisdom as how best to get it all done. A fresh face is needed or perhaps some bright spark with more talent than myself.


Anyone interested please contact Martin, the League Chairman or get in touch with myself for a chat.

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