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2018/2019 AGM

The 2018/2019 end of season AGM was done on
Tuesday 30 April 2019.


Chairman gave a formal review of the season
» Trophies were awarded to division winners
» Entry forms for the 2019/2020 were issued
» Votes were cast on the proposed rule changes:
The proposed rule changes were: 

1. Change the mixed league to be entirely mixed ie. 3 mixed pairs will play each of the opposing 3 mixed pairs. No level ladies or mens doubles
2. Place a time limit of 21 days from the original match date to agree a new date for a rearranged match


Registration forms for the 2019/2020 season should be returned to me please by Friday 31 May 2019.

Pay your fees by including a cheque or pay by bank transfer direct to the League if you'd prefer. Ask our Treasurer for the details

see who's entered so far

Please submit your club entry on the registration form provided to you. If you want to save the postage, then mail me a photo of the form. I need to make reference to your club details at various times during the season. Having each club's details on the same form and in the same format is helpful for that purpose.
The division structure will be formalised in early June and the match timetable available in July. All stuff will be pubslished here as it becomes available.

Have you sent me a Registration Form without the correct postage?
On Friday 17th May, I was notified by the Royal Mail that they wouldn't deliver a letter to me because the sender didn't pay the full postage. They asked for £1:50 to deliver it. I declined so it will be returned to sender.
It would otherwise have been delivered to me on the 17th so it would have been posted a day or two or three before then.
Because I've no friends, I'm pretty sure the item in question is a registration form. Is it you?
Look at the link in the adjacent column "see who's entered so far". If you've sent me your Registration Form but it's shown as outstanding, then it's you. Get in touch please.

Badminton Gloucestershire
Their AGM is Tuesday 11 June
Hucclecote Community Centre
Hucclecote Road
7:30 Start

The Gloucestershire Badminton League