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NOTE: All HATHERLEY home matches start at 8:00pm

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2016/2017 SEASON

A few pointers and reminders for you all:

1. Submit your match result promptly please. Only do so using the on-line form from the link on the left. DON'T scan your score card and mail it to me.


2. If you re-arrange a match, BOTH teams must let me know by phone or email to the address at the bottom of this page. DON'T send rearrangement notifications to the match results address please.


3. If a match is conceded, BOTH teams must let me know. I won't post the result on the tables unless this is the case. The HOME team should submit a match result in the normal way with the comment it was conceded. There is no need to put any names on the score card. The away team should let me know by phone or email using the address below.


4. I update the Results Tables each Sunday with results notified to me during the preceding week. Likewise the Match Timetable with any rearrangements. If your result or change of date is not showing, I haven't received it. 

Results awaiting from this past week
Mon 27-Mar    Severnside Mens 3   H to   Gloucester Mens 1
Wed 29-Mar   St Whites Ladies   H to   Pittville Ladies
Thu 30-Mar   Gloucester Mixed 1   H to   Cleeve Mixed 1
Thu 30-Mar   Millbrook Mixed 1   H to   St Whites Mixed
Fri 31-Mar   Ross Mens 2   H to   Stonehouse Mens

Results overdue from before that. The home team will be penalised if not submitted before next Sunday

End of Season AGM
Our AGM is Wednesday 26 April at the usual venue. Formal invites will go out to club first contacts a couple of weeks beforehand.


Harry Gibbs Trophy


The Harry Gibbs Trophy is awarded each year at the AGM to a 16 year old or younger playing in a club which is a member of the League.

The purpose of the award is to recognise the contribution that young player has made to the sport and their club during the past season. It could be in terms of their enthusiasm, commitment, personal improvement or development, or perhaps just because the individual has made a real and positive difference to your club just by being there.


Nominations are required please for this years award
Please send to the League Chairman



The Gloucestershire Badminton League