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There is a technique to ensure your print is output correctly so all you have to do is fold it in half and the pages will all be in order.

Although the handook may be regarded as a "booklet", it isn't for the purposes of printing so don't choose booklet printing. It is 28 A5 pages formated onto 14 A4 pages with content on both sides.

First of all then, you require a printer which can print on both sides of the paper ie. a duplex printer. Don't attempt to print it directly off the web page, but open the file on the webpage and then save it to your PC and then print the saved file.

If you are printing on a typical home or perhaps office desk printer, laser or inkjet, you need to select print on both sides>landscape>flip on short edge (or flip over).

If you are printing at your workplace to a higher spec, maybe floor standing printer/copier you should probably select print on both sides>landscape>flip on long edge (or flip up).

If the rear pages are output upside down, then flip the print on the other edge.

The cover is a single sided A4 document available separately in case you wish to print on thicker paper stock.

handbook print.docx                      handbook print.pdf

handbook cover.docx                     handbook cover.pdf


The Gloucestershire Badminton League
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